CMI Slough Phase 1&2

CMI Slough is a 12MW Uptime Tier III accredited data centre based on the Slough Trading Estate.

This data centre comprises four data halls and an end-client office space with a footprint of 9600m2.

Marcoe successfully delivered Phase 1 in December 2019. Our scope included the primary containment, 11kV & LV submain cabling, distribution boards, secondary containment, small power and lighting within the 11kV, LV, MMR/TELCO rooms, UPS switchrooms, and the CAT-A fit-out of two of the data halls.

After successful completion of Phase 1 works, Marcoe was awarded the second phase of the project which included the fit-out of two further data halls.

CMI Phase 2 was successfully delivered on January 2021.






24 Months